CSN 115- Introduction to Operating Systems

Ken Mead - Fall 2017
Genesee Community College

Accessing WebEx

There are many ways to access the material for the course this semester. The best way, of course, is to attend class! However, if you can't you have the following options

  1. View the Live Class using WebEx - Navigate your browser to genesee.webex.com and click the "JOIN" button next to the CSN115 entry. You can't join the meeting until 15 minutes before class. Upon clicking join, please enter your name, email address, and the super-secret password: linux. You may also be able to join the meeting using certain devices like an iPhone or iPad.

  2. View the Class Recording - I'll post all of the recorded lectures as a link in the Notes section of this website. The link will first appear in the "webex" folder, and shortly after in the "mp4" folder. If you don't see the link immediately, send an email at kjmead@genesee.edu ... I probably got distracted and forgot to post the link.

So, there you go. Any questions, let me know!