CSN 115 - Operating Systems
Homework and Classwork

I'll try to keep this page updated through the semester.

Important information for the end of the semester.

Final Project Information
  • Please fill out the CSN115 Project Plan document and email it to me by the end of the week. Find the Project Plan document at https://csnlinux.genesee.edu/opsys/docs/project/ProjectPlan.odt .
  • Please let me know which day you plan to present. For the Monday/Wednesday group, possible days include Mon Dec 4th, Wed Dec 6th, Thur, Dec 7th (12:30-1:30pm) and Fri Dec 8th (12:00 - 1:00pm). You MAY be able to show projects on the 12th or 13th ... ask your professor.
  • If you are a 360 student, you may choose to present in person, or create a short 5-10 minute youtube video with a virtual presentation of your project.
  • Don't forget that you're required to write up a 1.5 to 3 page document with important information about your project. This document should describe how you completed your project, and should provide sufficient detail for someone who is interested in recreating your work. It's important that this document is clear, concise, and written by *you*.
  • Sample project proposals and documents may be found in the Projects2016 folder here: Documents->projects->Projects2016
  • The tentative lineup for presenting projects: Wednesday Dec 6 1:25 - Toni (Script) 1:37 - Luke (Android on x86) 1:49 - Richard (Kali Linux) 2:01 - Brandon (ssh to home computer) 2:13 - Alex (Slackware) 2:25 - Yutaro (WebCam on Raspberry Pi) 2:37 - Jared (Cygwin) Friday Dec 8th 12:00 - Brendan (Knoppix)
Final Exam and Make Up Exam
  • On December 13th at 10:30am, some of you will be taking the final exam for this class. If you currently maintain an 85 or better average (check your grades) and receive a grade of C or better on the final project, you will not be required to take the final. The final will be 50 - 60 multiple choice questions harvested from previous exams, and will replace your lowest written exam grade of the semester.
  • On December 13th at 11:00am, I will give anyone interested the opportunity to retake the practical of his or her choice. You must let me know VIA EMAIL (kjmead@genesee.edu) no later than Monday, 3pm, which practical exam you wish to re-take. If I don't hear from you by this time, you cannot re-take a practial. The score on this practical exam will replace the existing practical exam grade.
  • Tutorial Amnesty! I will accept completed missing tutorials (at half credit) until Monday, December 11th at 3pm.
* Class # 27 (11/27) * Went over test 3. * Required: Fill out a Project Plan Proposal and email as an attachment to your professor ASAP.
* Class # 26 (11/22)
Exam # 3 Information: November 22nd. * Please view the Test 3 Review Sheet in the Documents->Samples folder. This document spells out precisely the topics for which you need to prepare on the exam. * Don't forget to write up your one-page cheat sheet. * Work through this sample practical in the "Samples" folder multiple times before the test date. Take a "snapshot" of your system before beginning this sample practical so you can revert and try again.

* Class # 25 (11/20) * Work on Tutorials: Find, Tar, Script, RPM/Services/Software, Partitions and Networking. * Review for Test * Work on Tutorials * Work on Projects.
* Class # 24 (11/15) * Note Packet # 17 - Networking * Read Chapter 16 (lightly) * Do the Network Tutorial END OF MATERIAL FOR SEMESTER
* Class # 23 (11/13) * Mounting and Working with Partitions * Note Packet # 16 - "Partitions" * Read Chapter 15 up to the end of page 189 * Hands On sheet: Partitions Tutorial (pdf) (in Documents->Tutorials folder)
*Class # 22 (11/8) * Note Packet #15 - Runlevels and Services * Do the RPM Services Tutorial. * Read Chapter 10 * FINAL PROJECT REQUIREMENTS distributed. Please see description in Documents->project
* Class # 21 (11/6) * Installing Software and Package Management * Note Packet #14 - Software * Follow along using the in-class software lesson (step-by-step) * Watch the youtube video (in notes->videos) to learn how to connect up the centos6 virtual disk in Virtualbox * Homework: Read Chapter 14 * Start the RPM/Services Tutorial (pages 1 - 4)
* Class # 20 (11/1) * Note Packet # 13 - Scripts Homework: * Do the "Script" tutorial (script-tutorial.pdf) in the tutorials section. * Read Chapter 24
Class # 19 (10/30) * Note packet #11 Backing up your System (note packet 12) * Homework: Do the "tar" tutorial in the tutorials section. * Homework: Read Chapter 18
Class # 18 (10/25) * Went over test # 2 * Note packet #11 Find, Grep and Locate (note packet 11) * Homework: Do the "Find" tutorial in the tutorials section. Class # 17 (10/23)
*** TEST # 2 is October 23rd - ATTENDANCE REQUIRED!!! *** Check Documents->Samples for samples of the written and practical exams. *** Remember, please bring your ONE PAGE 8 1/2 by 11 inch "cheat sheet" to exam. The cheat-sheet must be handwritten (in your handwriting) and on one side only! *** TEST COVERS NOTE PACKETS 7-10. Make sure you have the following tutorials completed: * The redirect tutorial (Oct 2) * The filesystem tutorial (Oct 7) * The vi tutorial (Oct 9) * Users, Groups and Permissions - part 1 * Users, Groups and Permissions - part 2 * Send email at the end of Users, Groups, Permissions part 2 * Hand in completed Users, Groups, Permissions document on test day. Helpful Reading from Textbook: * Chapter 4 all * Chapter 6 pg 53-55 end, 57 - end of chapter * Chapter 7 pg 74-78 * Chapter 8 - skim * Chapter 9 - all * Chapter 12 pg 136-149
Class # 16 (10/18) * Review for exam on Monday, October 23th.
Class # 15 (10/16) * Finished up Permissions. * Homework/classwork: do the Users-Groups Tutorial - part 2
Class # 14 (10/11) * I had an unexpected situation come up so had to cancel class. However, I did record a video for you to watch. Please do so! You can find the video in the webex and mp4 directories. Here's a direct link: Video on Permissions Please log into csnlinux and follow along. Also, this is a good time to catch up on past-due tutorials that you may not have completed. * Continued with Permissions, including sgid, suid, sticky bit. * Homework: do the Users-Groups Tutorial - part 1
Class # 13 (10/4) * Started working on Permissions (Note Packet # 10) * Homework/classwork - finish the vi and filesystem tutorials * Read Chapter 9
Class # 12 (10/2) * Covered the vi Editor (notepacket #9) * Do the vi tutorial * Complete Tutorials 1-4 of the Unix Tutorial in the Tutorials Folder (not collected or graded). * Homework: read chapter 12
Class #11 (9/27) * The Filesystem Commands (notepacket # 8) * Homework: Do the Filesystem Commands Tutorial Read chapter 4 of the text.
Class # 10 (9/25) * Note Packet 7: The linux shell - part 2 Homework: * do the "redirect" tutorial in the Documents->Tutorials folder * read textbook: chapter 6 up to page 61, chapter 7 page 73-end . * do Tutorials 1 and 3 of the Unix Tutorial in the Tutorials folder
Class # 9 (9/20) * TEST # 1
*** TEST # 1 is Wednesday, September 20th. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED!!! *** Remember, please bring your ONE PAGE 8 1/2 by 11 inch "cheat sheet" to exam. The cheat-sheet must be handwritten (in your handwriting) and on one side only! The test will consist of two parts, a multiple-choice, short-answer written exam of approximately 50 questions, and then a practical, hands-on exam. The written exam will be worth 100 points and the practical exam will be worth approximately 75 points (with the remaining 25 points coming from homeworks and class participation for the first third of the semester). Your homework and attendance since the beginning of the semester will account for the remaining 20 or so points on the practical exam. Remember, you've had 5 homework assignments so far: madeit, man page, intro tutorial, libreoffice, and shell tutorial. Check your grades and make sure each has been completed. After Wednesday, you will no longer have an opportunity to get credit for these. Sample exam questions can be found in the Documents->Test Samples section of this website.

Class # 8 (9/18) Review for Test 1. Good luck!
Class # 7 (9/13) The Shell Notes: * Note packet # 6: The linux shell Homework: * Do the "Shell" tutorial in Documents -> Tutorials * Do the first tutorial of the Unix Tutorial in Documents -> Tutorials * Lots of practice using putty on the hands-on components. * Make sure you have all your required homeworks completed before the test day: putty (madeit), libre office, man page, intro tutorial, shell tutorial * Read through chapters 1-3 and skim chapter 5 of text. Note: the "type" command is not installed on csnlinux. Use the "file" command instead.
Class # 6 (9/11) Post-install information, discussion of Virtual Machines, RAID, LVM. Added the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu. Began Notes: * Note packet # 6: Intro to the Shell Homework: Read the RAID intro handout and Hardware vs Software RAID handout.
Class # 5 (9/6) Continued with installing Linux. Looked at Partitioning Software (gparted). Looked at Note Packet 5
Class # 4 (8/30) Installing Linux with discussion of hardware. Notes: Installing Linux (#4) Discussed partitioning of hard disks to accommodate linux, including resizing a partition. Other options discussed included using Virtual Machines and Live CDs Homework: research definitions of terms you aren't familiar with (e.g. CMOS, hexadecimal, ext4 ...) Homework: send me your LibreOffice document (see the end of note packet 3) ... due by 9/8/17. a.s.a.p. Make sure you follow directions -- especially the subject line of the email!
Third Class (8/28) Exploring the Desktop Notes: Exploring the Desktop (#3) Top 10 Linux Desktop Environments HW: Do intro1-tutorial.pdf and intro2-tutorial.pdf in the Tutorials section of this website. HW: Send your LibreOffice document to your professor, via email, per instructions posted in note packet 3. HW: read chapters 1-3 of textbook (The Linux Command Line - William Shotts, Jr.)
Second Class (8/23) Intro part 2. Logging In, Navigating the File System Started Notes: CSN115-INTRO-part 2 (#2) Documents: Exploring the Filesystem Documents: Filesystem Explained - just skim ... pretty in depth. Documents: Guide to Open-Source Licenses HW: Read the Wikipedia Article on Operating Systems HW: Read Docs above.
First Class (8/21) Introduction to the Course. Introduction to Operating Systems. Introduction to Linux. Logging into the CSN Linux Network Notes: Introduction (#1) HW: Log into csnlinux.genesee.edu via putty (outside the lab) and issue the command: madeit (see YouTube video)